KELMAN – 3 Track Album Sampler

Kelman Sampler Cover1. Some Things Never Work Out
“Telling you this, a bruised heart and aching lips”
2. The Heart Is A Useless Ally
“Haven’t been my self for weeks. One more drink will destroy me”
3. Fucked & Far From Home
“The space between us, so deep and blue”

I first heard Kelman on their wonderful single ‘The Happiest Man Alive’. I contacted them and asked if they’d send me a 3-track demo that they had listed on their site. Then Wayne Gooderman (Singer & writer) sent me the demo, a Baptiste 7″ (A pre-Kelman band) & a compilation! So he’s certainly the most generous man alive.

Recently they offered a 3-track album sampler on their site. So I contacted Wayne & he sent me a copy. ‘Some Things Never Work Out’ has a beautiful church-style organ in the background. ‘The Heart Is A Useless Ally’ is a rockier song than the first with repeated calls of “How does it feel?”. ‘Fucked & Far From Home’ has been available from their site for a while. It’s got Xylophone on it, I love Xylophone! The easiest way to describe Kelman is to say Richard Hawley. But Kelman seem more honest and grittier, also Wayne’s voice is just plain better. Lines are delivered breathlessly then left hanging in the air. Roll on the album (To be released summer 2006).

Go to the site for a copy and to be added to the mailng list. /


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