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February 13, 2006

THE VICHY GOVERMENT – Elvis & The Beatles / Luke Haines Is Dead (Download Single)

Vichy Government Cover1. Elvis & The Beatles
“You can shout and scream, and shake your fists, but the underclass do not exist”

2. Luke Haines Is Dead
“In Timbuktu the natives eat their parents as a mark of respect”

If you’ve never heard the bizarre and wonderful world of The Vichy Government these new tracks are a good place to start because they are two of the best (And they are also completely free from Filthy Little Angels!). As always they consist of Jamie Manners speaking over a backing track provided by little else than what sounds like a Casio toy piano. The first track compares the lives of icons like Elvis, The Beatles & Bob Dylan with a normal humdrum existence. The second track is presumably a song about Luke Haines from The Auteurs & Black Box Recorder who recently had a compilation out called ‘Luke Haines Is Dead’ (Though apparently he isn’t yet). There is also some artwork parodying The Queen Is Dead’s cover.

The Vichy Government’s long unavailable debut album is also finally being released by Filthy Little Angels, go buy it. /