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February 14, 2006

THE MULDOONS – Red & Black (7″ EP)

Muldoons CoverCass Records MAMA022: November 2005
1. Red & Black
“I got kicked out of Art class ’cause I always wrote Red & Black”
2. Driver’s License
“I went to get some pizza”
3. Destruction Boy
“I hate Barney, I locked him in his room”
4. 70’s Punk Rocker
“Since I have no education, give me the simplest equation”

If you’re like me, you hope one day to have every bit of vinyl that Jack White has had a hand in. Apart from The Raconteurs side-project this is the latest. This one passed me by as I only just saw it on Ebay and got a copy. Jack produced this EP by Brian Muldoon’s two kids, Hunter & Shane. Brian Muldoon played drums in The Upholsterers with Jack and he plays drums on this.

Musically it’s the usual garage fare and surprisingly Jack White’s production isn’t its strongest point. The vocals and the lyrics are what set it apart. They are both child like for obvious reasons and refreshing for it. ‘Red & Black’ is a tribute to the White Stripes colour scheme. ‘Driver’s License’ is about finding the excitement of getting to drive quickly goes sour when you have to give everybody lifts. ‘Destruction Boy’ is summed up by the title. ’70’s Punk Rocker’ is a warning and a celebration of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Grown ups would probably think too hard and come up with something half as good as these four songs.

The 7″ comes in a gatefold cover with what looks like a copy of the lyrics from a school exercise book. There are lots of little crayon drawings everywhere and a thank you to their mom.

Rough Trade say they still have copies. If not it’s off to Ebay with you (This record seems relatively unknown so prices are still low). Cass Records Site