REGINA SPEKTOR – Us (7″ Single)

Us CoverTransgressive TRANS018: 13th February 2006
1. Us (Single Version)
“They’ll name a city after us… and later say it’s all our fault
2. Scarecrow & Fungus
“He’s got enough money to buy a new father”
3. December
“Rumours have started that you’re in love again”

‘Us’ is taken from Regina’s recent compilation ‘Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers & Other Short Stories’ (Which is worth buying for the beautiful artwork alone) but is originally a highlight from her 2004 album ‘Soviet Kitsch’.  ‘Scarecrow & Fungus’ concerns issues of money, power & parents.  ‘December’ is about being evicted from your house and defiance of the powers that be.  All three songs are the usual mixture of beautiful piano and quirky lyrics.  Like David Byrne she uses her voice as an instrument, screeching, whispering and even belching out words (Check out the way she gets the crowd to make vomiting sounds on ‘Uh-Merica (Live)’).  Her new album called ‘Begin To Hope’ is out sometime this year and lets hope it’s as good as these two new b-sides.

Regina Spektor Website / Regina Spektor MySpace Page

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