THE BOYFRIENDS – I Love You (7″ Single)

I Love You CoverBooby Trap Records BOOBREC0157: 13th February 2006
1. I Love You
“I’d cut my own throat for you”
2. Remember
“Remember view points that we shared, as we looked up towards the stars”

I can’t believe this is The Boyfriends’ first single. I’ve had demos by them on my hardrive since I heard them on Angular’s ‘Rip Up Your Labels’ compilation in june 2004. These two tracks are fantastic and luckily for them these aren’t even close to their best (Check out ‘Brave Little Soldiers’ and ‘No Tomorrow’). The themes of the songs suggest The Smiths (and the vocals to some extent as well). ‘I Love You’ has a savage guitar sound unlike the average Boyfriends song. To my ears ‘Remember’ is a better song than the A-Side which is good sign for a band.

Speak Less & Listen (Demo)
The White Devil (Demo)

Boyfriends Website / Boyfriends MySpace Page

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