THE RESEARCH – Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same (CD & 2x 7″)

Lonely Hearts Beat The Same CoverAt Large Recordings FUGCD013/FUG013/FUGX013: 13th February 2006
1. Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same
“It’s not romantic, it’s just automatic”
2. Wild Horses
“Why did I not wear my favourite T-shirt?”
3. Codename: Flamingo
“I wanna break his heart with a golf club”
4. All These Feelings
“And if he thought that I wanted money then he never really knew me”

The Research are developing a habit of releasing stupidly catchy singles with brilliant b-sides. I’ve been increasingly looking forward to each one and this is their 4th.

I’m humming ‘Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same’ already. It’s got a great Beach Boys like bit at the end. There are two versions, the original female led vocal and the alternate male led ‘Inversion Version’. The artwork shows the band in hospital after what might be a suicide attempt. ‘Wild Horses’ questions why someone hasn’t come into your life earlier (And brilliantly wondering why you didn’t wear your best gear that night). ‘Codename: Flamingo’ seems to be about mental illness. ‘All These Feelings’ chronicles the ups and downs of a relationship. It’s possibly the best of these four songs.

Again this is a classic collection of songs. I hope their ability to make fantastic singles translates into a great album (It’s out on the 27th of February).

The Research Website

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