YSN – More (7″ Single)

More CoverWrath WRATH36: 13th February 2006
1. More
“Now i’m on holiday in Paradise 24, and I want… more”
2. Away From The Club (Live From Room 29)
“You and I will pack a picknick lunch just for two”

YSN have previously been known as YSN aka ‘Yellow Stripe Nine’, but for this single they seem to have dropped the full title.  This sounds like ‘Soft Cell’ musically and also because it’s so much fun.  It’s all a mix of synthesiser, jangly guitars and theatricality.  ‘Away From The Club’ has that ace ‘Housemartins’ acapella thing going on (But Paul Heaton was never this camp).  It’s a bit like some of Jobriath’s stuff. I want more!

One Look (It’s Love)

YSN Website / YSN MySpace Page

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