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March 13, 2006

KELMAN – The Heart Is A Useless Ally (Promo CD)

The Heart Is A Useless Ally CoverLiner Records: March 2006

1. The Heart Is A Useless Ally
"Lost somewhere between the rounds, I heard you laugh as I hit the ground"
2. Untitled
"I just sat back, watching my kingdom collapse"

This is easily the match of Kelman's first single 'The Happiest Man Alive'. It's a catchy song that's grown on me with every listen. Both tracks continue the theme of drinking to forget (Possibly to forget what you did while you where drinking). Perhaps the forthcoming album will be strung together by this concept. 'Untitled' has a heavenly Church Organ bit and Wayne Gooderman's usual breathless vocal. It's like one long beautiful sigh…

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