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March 14, 2006

DELAYS – Valentine (2x CD & 7″ Single)

Valentine CoverRough Trade RTRADCDS265 / RTRADSCDX265 / RTRADS265: 20th February 2006
1. Valentine
“New Orleans ‘ll tremble tonight, with bleeding hearts and swaying lights”
2. Someday Soon You’re Gonna Happen
“The trees are, my cathedral”
3. Shadows On Our School
“Speak in tongues, background noise, cracking up”
4. Talking Me Down
“I’m listing slowly, no peace in this heat”
5. Valentine (Freeform Five Remix)
“Just tell me the truth, it makes me feel better”

Delays had already ditched the partly successful rock sound with the one off single ‘Lost In A Melody’. It had a new pumping dance orientated sound with lush production. However it lacked the emotional depth of earlier stuff like ‘Long Time Coming’.

With ‘Valentine’ they have broken through to the disco sound that they’ve been trying for. It kicks off with a thumping synth bass line, then the drums come in and this is soon joined by Greg Gilbert’s soaring falsetto. It’s got hand claps, a guitar solo and everything. On the lyrics side, it tackles lovers separated by the hurricane in New Orleans. I’d listened to it about twenty times without the full meaning of the lyrics becoming apparent. It’s great when a song you already love reveals it has hidden depths.

‘Someday Soon You’re Gonna Happen’ and ‘Shadows On Our School’ are written by Greg’s brother Aaron and have a more conventional sound. They’re quiet, introspective and paranoid affairs that are overshadowed by the A-Side, but they’re well worth a listen. ‘Talking Me Down’ is a mostly acoustic number by Greg. It’s nice to hear Geg’s sublime voice tackling a quieter number.

Freeform Five have also turned in a brilliant almost nine minute remix of ‘Valentine’. It’s all pulsating bass and electronics and uses Greg’s graceful vocals sparingly, to great effect.

‘Valentine’ has Trevor Horn at the mixing desk and he’s also at the helm of the Pet Shop Boys’ new album. On this evidence the future looks bright for Tennant and Lowe.

Delays Website / Delays MySpace Page

March 14, 2006

JAMIE T – Salvador (7″ Single)

Salvador CoverPacemaker Recordings PANICS002: 6th March 2006
1. Salvador
“Bar stool banshee, howled out at me”
2. Livin’ With Betty
“It was livin’ with Betty, that finally made me happy”

‘Salvador’ has a pulsating disco beat and atmospheric stabs of guitar. Jamie T’s first single was backed with an acoustic based song and this has one too. ‘Livin’ With Betty’ is delivered in a reggae style on acoustic guitar. This release has a little less of the fun lyrical twists than the first single. But it tells more of a story and the music so much more catchy.

These tracks are also available packaged with his first single as the ‘Betty & The Selfish Sons’ CD EP.

Jamie T Website / Jamie T MySpace Page

March 14, 2006

ABSENTEE – Something To Bang (CD Single)

Something To Bang CoverMemphis Industries MI057CDS: 6th March 2006
1. Something To Bang
“I’m working up a sweat, you’re bringing out the worst in me”
2. You Try Sober
“Why don’t you try sober, if you’re so sure about it?”

Phew, thank god!  After hearing the giant leap forward that Absentee made with last single ‘Weasel’ I was concerned when I heard that the new single was ‘Something To Bang’ (From last years ‘Donkey Stock’ EP).  Fortunately it’s been re-recorded by James Ford in spectacular fashion.  It’s also got some blaring Brass played by The Rumblestrips.  Once again it’s brilliantly dark pop music.

I downloaded ‘You Try Sober’ from Absentee’s MySpace page a while back.  It’s presented here in a much better mix.  This could easily have been a double A-Side single.

My fears that Absentee wouldn’t live up to the potential shown on ‘Weasel’ seem to have been misplaced.  I can now wait for the album, confident it will be a masterpiece.

Absentee Website / Absentee MySpace
The Rumblestrips Website / The Rumblestrips MySpace

March 14, 2006


Split 10'' CoverGravity Dip Records DIP025: 30th January 2006
1. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager: Part One
“Drinking to forget, always breeds regret”
2. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – Weeknights & Weekends
“I don’t want you to be, alone because of me”
3. Dave House – Shiver
“We all get nightmares, we all have dreams”
4. Dave House – A Song For
“Let this song be the soundtrack to, all the times that you’re uninspired”

I recently saw ‘Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.’ live and was impressed so I bought this split EP (With Dave House).  They do one of their own then they do covers of each other.

‘The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager: Part One’ is a monumentally pretentious title.  Fortunately the lyrics and music are not.  The words are packed with emotion and the music is folk based with added electronics (Think Patrick Wolf).  Both his songs also feature mournful trumpets towards the end like Manic Street Preachers sometimes do.

Dave House is brilliant too with a sound reminiscent of ‘Architecture in Helsinki’.  ‘Shiver’ is a call for people to see the things that they have in common.  ‘A Song For’ is amazing and I’ll have to go get the ‘Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.’ original.

Gravity Dip Website
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Website / Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. MySpace Page
Dave House Website / Dave House MySpace Page