ABSENTEE – Something To Bang (CD Single)

Something To Bang CoverMemphis Industries MI057CDS: 6th March 2006
1. Something To Bang
“I’m working up a sweat, you’re bringing out the worst in me”
2. You Try Sober
“Why don’t you try sober, if you’re so sure about it?”

Phew, thank god!  After hearing the giant leap forward that Absentee made with last single ‘Weasel’ I was concerned when I heard that the new single was ‘Something To Bang’ (From last years ‘Donkey Stock’ EP).  Fortunately it’s been re-recorded by James Ford in spectacular fashion.  It’s also got some blaring Brass played by The Rumblestrips.  Once again it’s brilliantly dark pop music.

I downloaded ‘You Try Sober’ from Absentee’s MySpace page a while back.  It’s presented here in a much better mix.  This could easily have been a double A-Side single.

My fears that Absentee wouldn’t live up to the potential shown on ‘Weasel’ seem to have been misplaced.  I can now wait for the album, confident it will be a masterpiece.

Absentee Website / Absentee MySpace
The Rumblestrips Website / The Rumblestrips MySpace

One Comment to “ABSENTEE – Something To Bang (CD Single)”

  1. Touched by the hand of the Rumbles! Excellent will have to check this out. Nice updates

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