YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Gold Lion (CD Single)

Gold Lion CoverDress Up/Fiction 9877351: 20th March 2006
1. Gold Lion
“There was a crowd of seeds, inside, outside, I must have done a dozen each”
2. Let Me Know (Demo)
“Love’s gonna let me know, like the day you took me home”
3. Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
“Gold lion’s gonna tell me where the light is”

‘Gold Lion’ at first seems strange because it’s so different to the last albums stuff. But you keep listening to it and it just snakes it’s way into your brain and under your skin. To me it seems to be about drugs and the war on terror. Really the lyrics are quite abstract and open to any interpretation. It’s a swirling mix of acoustic guitars, heavy drums, sound effects and Nick Zinner’s outstanding electric guitar parts.

Production wise ‘Let Me Know’ is a more straightforward affair though no less charming. Here Karen O reminds us of the quite beauty that she has previously shown on the last songs on ‘Fever To Tell’.

The Diplo remix speeds things up and adds hand claps. Diplo brings some of the same sort of sounds that he created for M.I.A. on ‘Bucky Done Gun’. It has a great oriental feel to it.

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