LES INCOMPÉTENTS – How It All Went Wrong (7″ Single)

How It All Went Wrong CoverWhite Heat OPE011: 20th March 2006
1. How It All Went Wrong
"I'll just get a drink or maybe, another fifteen"
2. Chapter Two (Notting Hill Carnival Revenge Mix)
"I stand there staring, she just wears what she's wearing"

'How It All Went Wrong' is like a duet between two Kevin Rowlands.  It's also reminds me of the kind of thing that Vincent Vincent & The Villains are doing.  I loved their first single 'Reunion / Much Too Much' but this is something else.  There's an amazing bit about two-thirds through where it all stops and builds back up again.  There's repeated shouts of "best clothes for the discotheque", "Drinking brandy" and "Well I don't fuckin' care".

'Chapter Two' is a mix of military drums and mock operatic vocals.  Not having heard the original I couldn't comment on whether the remix is an improvement or not.  It sounds like the vocals of at least three different songs have been mistakenly layered over the top.  This band has taken their name with pride and I commend them for it.

Les Incompétents Website / Les Incompétents MySpace Page

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