THE SWEETHEARTS – Blue Skies / Rainy Skies (Download Single)

Blue Skies / Rainy Skies CoverDog Box BOX7: 13th February 2006
1. Blue Skies
"You're the Davenport docker dear, I feel you pulsing when I'm near"
2. Rainy Skies
"I still loved you even though your eyes matched the colour of a rainy sky"

This sounds like it was made by a bunch of kids who've just discovered a room full of instruments and decided to record a pop record. 'Blue Skies' bounces, sighs, plays banjo and sings refrains of "I love you". What more could you want from a pop song. 'Rainy Skies' still sounds pretty summery even if the lyrics are a bit more winter. It ends with the line "It's time to say goodbye" just like a kids show. Actually I think it's time to press play again.

This is available free from Dog Box records (Home of the brilliant 'Luxembourg').

Dog Box Records Website

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