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April 1, 2006

GOOD SHOES – We Are Not The Same (CD EP)

We Are Not The Same CoverBrille Records BRILEP06CD: 20th March 2006
1. We Are Not The Same
"I don't agree with your opinions about politics, religion or anything"
2. South West Trains
"Everybody in this town is o strange"
3. May Lannoye
"Thinks she's everything, carries a Rough Trade bag cos she thinks it makes her look hip"
4. Things To Make & Do
"I got a tan from my TV"

Good Shoes make the same sort of Art-Rock as bands like Art Brut, Bloc Party, The Futureheads and Maxïmo Park. I've had 'We Are Not The Same' and 'May Lannoye' in demo form for quite some time now, but 'South West Trains' and 'Things To Make & Do' are brand new.

'We Are Not The Same' starts off with an excellent call and response double guitar bit, which brilliantly echoes the theme of the lyrics. 'South West Trains' sounds similar to first single 'Small Town Girl' but isn't quite as catchy. Thankfully the lyrics are very good and compare two seemingly different people who are united by their feelings of disconnection with society. 'May Lannoye' is a bitter rant about a girl that slipped away. 'Things To Make & Do' goes after private education, cars, TV and dull people in general.

This EP stands squarely in the Art-Rock box, where as last single 'Small Town Girl' had a large toe in the pop box. This put me off at first, but the lyrics drew me right back in. The spiky sounds accentuate the spiky lyrics. As the title of 'We Are Not The Same' suggests, this band doesn’t like the rest of the world and they don't really care if the world knows it.

This EP is also available as a beautifully packaged 10". It comes with badges and a lovely lyrics booklet (The CD has badges too though).

Here is a link to an albums worth of demos and live tracks!

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