THE SPINTO BAND – Direct To Helmet (CD Single)

Direct To Helmet CoverRadiate RDTCD15: 6th March 2006
1. Direct To Helmet
"I'm not that tall, so the impact was more than deserving, the plastic champagne was the least of unnerving"
2. Misogyny Is Cool
"The second time I made you cry, was the second that I realised, that this was wrong"
3. Fat Suit (With Commentary)
"Where is my fat suit? I'm so vulnerable without it"

'Direct To Helmet' is a shimmering mix of xylophone, guitars and pounding drums.  Halfway through, it has a Beatles like sigh that is just breath taking.  The lyrics could be about being in love with a painter and art appreciation in general.  They could also be about blowjobs.  Whichever, it's one of the highlights of their album.

'Misogyny Is Cool' is easily the best thing The Spinto Band have ever done.  It's the epic tale of a man who hates women because he's bitter and alone.  He then falls in love somewhat reluctantly.  He's nasty to the girl and she cries.  He realises he's been wrong all the time.  He reflects on his life.  He discovers that love's actually fantastic and he jumps around for joy singing "Yes, yes, yes! You’re a part of me now!".  Phew, all that and more, in 2 minutes and 28 seconds, what a song!

'Fat Suit' is a lo-fi Spiritualized type of song that doesn't attain the same pop perfection of the first two tracks.  What is really interesting is that like a DVD they have added a commentary on the making of the song.  You have to flip between the left and right speakers to hear it.

The Spinto Band Website


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