THE STREETS – When You Wasn’t Famous (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

When You Wasn't Famous Cover679 Recordings 679L125CD1 / 679L125CD2 / 679L1251: 27th March 2006
1. When You Wasn't Famous
"My whole life, I never thought I'd see a pop star smoke crack"
2. When You Wasn't Famous (Live From The Astoria)
"Past the children's appeal, I see the darkness behind"
3. When You Wasn't Famous (Professor Green Version)
"It's a minor if I grow flab, me I'll join the Kate Moss, wait loss, program"
4. When You Wasn't Famous (Doctor & Bearman Version)
"Let's have a little look in the V.I.P, hey, I swear that's the girl from C.I.T.V"
5. When You Wasn't Famous (Bromheads Jacket Version)
"The closest I've been to pulling a celeb yet, a dream I had when I was twelve, I shagged Alanis Morissette"

Mike Skinner is back to remind everyone of what they we're missing. 'When You Wasn't Famous' is so infectious that I had to be careful not to listen to it before going to work because I'd go around singing it under my breath for the rest of the day. The drums used on this track sound like Mike was hitting Foil trays with chopsticks. This is accompanied by some pulsating electro and an extra pounding bass drum. It's a shame that an instrumental wasn't included.

The fact that Mike Skinner has chosen to make celebrity the theme of his new album has proven controversial. On the strength of this single I wouldn't worry because instead of whining on about being famous, he takes the piss out of him self. The song is about trying to pull a celebrity girl and getting brought down a peg. The live version is pretty thrilling as well.

The other three B-Sides are covers and not remixes. The first two feature new vocals and lyrics sung over the original song. The last is a completely new recording. Professor Green's version uses the opportunity to take the mick out of Mike Skinner (His boss on The Beats label). The fact that this is included shows that Mike can take a joke. Doctor & Bearman's version hasn't quite got the edge that Professor Green's has, but it's still got some of the best rhymes I've heard in ages. Bromheads Jacket's completely re-recorded version gets an 'A' for effort. But with its standard garage-rock sound it can't hope to be as good as the original. However once again it's got fantastic all new lyrics.

Check out The Streets website to see the hilarious Professor Green video starring Jodie Marsh.

Bromheads Jacket – What If's + Maybe's
Bromheads Jacket – Whooley Bridge

The Streets Website / Bromheads Jacket Website / Professor Green MySpace Page


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