SEMIFINALISTS – You Said (7″ Single)

You Said CoverV2 VVR5036257: 27th March 2006
1. You Said
"I wanted to tell you still, I probably never will"
2. Whispering Mice
"Words unspoken, like mice whispering"

'You Said' comes on like a gentle summer pop gem but it actually totally rocks. I found my self hitting my desk along to the drums and playing air guitar. It starts off with some monk like chanting that sounds a bit Jason Pierce. The bit where the drums come in at 2.43, wow.

'Whispering Mice' starts with more thundering drums, which reoccur later and threaten to erupt into a cacophony. At 49 seconds in, there is a heartbreaking guitar part. Then the song just ends, this isn't even 2 minutes long, why, oh why? Short and sweet.

Once again, the beautiful packaging of this 7" rivals The Arcade Fire.

Semifinalists Website / Semifinalists MySpace Page


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