THE ON-OFFS – This Town / Grow Your Own (7″ Single)

This Town / Grow Your Own CoverLabel Fandango GALAGOS003: 27th February 2006
1. This Town
"I've been standing in the corner, I've been talking to the daughter, I’ve thinking I'm the bee's knees, must be something in the water"
2. Grow Your Own
"Take a look at our sweet world, look at all the boys and girls"

The On-Offs sound most like The Jam, but unlike The Rifles they make that a good thing. They absolutely thrash their instruments in frustration. 'This Town' is a story of hedonistic weekends spent trying to escape the drudgery of the week. On 'Grow Your Own' a hint of The Coral is added to the Jam/Kinks mix. 'Grow Your Own' is available to download using the link below. There are also three other tracks showing off their punk and Beatles sides.

54 Hours
Wrong Upstairs
Grow Your Own

The On-Offs Website / The On-Offs MySpace Page

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