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April 7, 2006

THE FRATELLIS – The Fratellis (CD EP)

The Fratellis CoverIsland CID924: 3rd April 2006
1. Creepin' Up The Backstairs
"Climbing in the window, get dressed, let’s go, take your brother’s car keys, bye, bye"
2. Stacie Anne
"You know I'll break your fingers, and I'll break your toes, you know my dealer takes me everywhere he goes"
3. The Gutterati?
"I'll help you any way that I can"

For some reason I thought that The Fratellis were an awful cock-rock band. Thankfully they're not, thankfully they're genius. It's difficult to put into words how much fun 'Creepin' Up The Backstairs' is. Lets just say I was dancing around and clapping my hands. It's similar to The Monks 'Black Monk Time', but instead of a rant against the Vietnam War, it's just a big party. It sounds like The Libertines at their most joyous (That seems like a long time ago). It's got the cheeky, frenetic lyrics of Alex Turner while not trying to ape the Arctic Monkeys' sound.

'Stacie Anne' starts off sounding like a football chant. The backing chants of "Oooh-Ahhh-Oooh" are great. 'The Gutterati?' has all the excitement of 'White Riot', which means it's pretty damn exciting. It ends with howls of laughter, rounds of applause and someone saying "I hate your fuckin' lyrics!".

Cigarello (Demo)
Creepin' Up The Backstairs (Acoustic)
Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy (Demo)

The Fratellis Website / The Fratellis MySpace Page

April 7, 2006

MORRISSEY – You Have Killed Me (2x CD Singles)

You Have Killed Me CoverAttack ATKXS017 / ATKXD017: 27th March 2006
1. You Have Killed Me
"I entered nothing and nothing entered me, till you came with the key"
2. Good Looking Man About Town
"On midnight streets, no moon and no stars, no one around, to calm you down, and to soften the stings to my heart"
3. Human Being
"I can hold my head so high, just like a human, I'm a riff raff human being"
4. I Knew I Was Next
"I knew I was next and I didn’t mind, here I offer you my life for any debts due"

I've greeted few singles with quite so much anticipation and trepidation as this. In Morrissey's long career he has seldom disappointed, but could this be one of the times when he does? All the reviews of his new album sing it's praises but also seem dismissive of his last. In my opinion his last was his finest album, so we're the reviews to be trusted? Finally his new single arrived on my doorstep and it was time to find out.

'You Have Killed Me' felt a little insubstantial on the first listen. But the powerful Glam rock guitars soon grow on you and the way they kick in as the chorus begins is amazing. The lyrics also at first seem simple. He quotes the names of Italian film directors Pasolini & Visconti, Italian actress Anna Magnani and a Pimp from one of Pasolini's films called Accatone. When you look into the often-turbulent lives of these people the lyric starts to take on new and exciting shapes (Probably as he intended). The outro, with its repeating promise to forgive is particularly effective.

'Good Looking Man About Town' ranks among his very best b-sides. It's got a distinctly eastern flavour and a killer bass line. It has the dance rock sound of 'The Queen Is Dead' and 'Alsatian Cousin' and you might want to reach for the glow sticks at the end. The lyric is the most openly gay thing Morrissey has done since the first few Smiths records. Lines like "But you still feel wretched because, you've never been naked with a good looking man about town" could be Morrissey addressing himself.

'Human Being' is a cover of a New York Dolls song from their 1974 album 'Too Much Too Soon'. Morrissey turns their defiant and confrontational address to the world into a more personal and intimate affair. The Dolls version is about telling all the people that don't like the way they live their life to fuck off. Morrissey's version seems to be comparing himself to the plastic, packaged and safe pop stars of today. Of course there really is no comparison. Morrissey is a human being after all and can disappoint, frustrate and annoy but god at least he makes you care. A well chosen cover indeed, from the former president of the UK New York Dolls fanclub.

Musically 'I Knew I Was Next' is pretty standard Morrissey stuff, fantastic, but nothing new. Lyrically, it's about facing the final curtain, meeting your maker and reflecting on whether your life has been worth it. It seems to be saying that if the creator turned him away at the pearly gates he wouldn't care, because when you've lived Morrissey's life, eternal damnation is really nothing "When you’ve been slapped around, then one more slap can’t hurt you".

The artwork to the second CD (Shown above) shows him lying across some train tracks checking his watch, as if to say, bloody Virgin trains! you can't even kill yourself in good time these days (It cracked me up).

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