LARRIKIN LOVE – Edwould (CD & 2x 7″ Single)

Edwould CoverInfectious Records WEA403CD / WEA403 / WEA403X: 3rd April 2006
1. Edwould
"I've penned your poison 1000 times, you think you're mighty, I believe you're a swine"
2. It's A Long Way Home To Donegal
"We'll fight with our fists, swallow our fears, we'll be strong"
3. The Very Sad Ballad Of Brutus From No.72
"Shut up you I'm strawberry blonde, out in the alley I'm like the Fonz"
4. Edshould (Statik Remix)
"You are a disgusting child, I think so, everybody thinks so"

'Edwould' is the third single by Larrikin Love, who are like Babyshambles but, good. In the lyrics, Edward Larrikin gives himself a right going over. It's like a British version of Gogol Bordello and therefore, fantastic.

On the record sleeve it says that 'It's A Long Way Home To Donegal' is an 'Old Irish standard' by Max Smoke. However, I can't find any trace of an original so maybe it isn't. It also says it was recorded on 'One drunken evening' and probably sounds better when inebriated. Brilliantly a minute before the end it suddenly changes into the Pogues.

'The Very Sad Ballad Of Brutus From No.72' is a short nursery rhyme like song in the style of Syd Barrett’s 'Bike'. It's about having an argument with a ginger cat called Brutus. It was recorded in Jamie T's bedroom and is rather weird and wonderful.

Statik's Dub Remix is re-titled 'Edshould' and brings forward the bass to great effect. It reminded me of Babyshambles's 'Pentonville' but once again, it's actually good.

Larrikin Love Website / Larrikin Love MySpace Page


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