GOODBOOKS – Walk With Me (7″ Single)

Walk With Me CoverTransgressive TRANS025A: 3rd April 2006
1. Walk With Me
"I don't go down on my own, I can't bare to be alone"
2. Start/Stop
"There's fire, on the city streets, black sooty eyes, that stare, but never meet"

The quite creeping opening of 'Walk With Me' reminds me of 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'.  At about 1.30 it kicks off with some Art Rock guitars and at 3.30 it goes all Rapture with some cowbells.

For the most part 'Start/Stop' is Art Rock as well, except in the middle it changes into heavenly accapella pop.  Then the bass guitar comes back in for the final part.  This is the stronger of the two tracks.

This isn't as good as their masterpiece in waiting 'Passchendaele' but it's still worth having.  Next time they'll have to try a little harder.

Passchendaele (Demo)
Leni (Demo)

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