MAMA SHAMONE – MySpace Demos (Downloads)

Mama Shamone 11. Over
"Let's get scary, and leery, you know it's only early"
2. You Got Me
"I'm a special girl, I'm infected with your love, I'm getting sicker, I'm getting weaker, and I can't pull through"
3. Feel
"I feel paranoid, sick and scared to even answer my phone"
4. Flip X Rules The World
"It's people like you that make me glad the world gonna die someday"
5. So Good
"I'm on the dark side, I'm feeling lucid, I'm at your back door, don't need excuses"

Mama Shamone 2'Over' mixes glitchy retro computer sounds with pulsating Electro and some fantastic guitars. This is the kind of thing that Peaches should be making. The bit at 2.17 where it slows right down and then rapidly speeds up is ace.

One half of 'You Got Me' sounds like a lost Pet Shop Boys classic. The other half is what The BellRays would sound like if they discovered Synths. One part is all sweetness and light, the other is down and dirty.

'Feel' sounds like 'Tubeway Army' or 'Joy Division' at their most pop (And pop at it's most fucked up). The screeching towards the end gives Iggy Pop a run for his money.

'Flip X Rules The World' also sounds like The Bellrays but with a nod towards The Donnas. The lyrics are about following your heart and damn what anybody else thinks.

'So Good' is like something from the 'Blade Runner' soundtrack that's gone off the deep end. The guitars sound like they were borrowed from the Grange Hill theme, which has to be good thing. Unfortunately it was removed and replaced by 'Flip X Rules The World' as I was writing the review.
Mama Shaone 5 Check out my brother's live review and his amazing photos (The band have used some on their MySpace page) at Music Like Dirt.

Mama Shamone MySpace Page

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