Amateur Man, Ban The Gin CoverFantastic Plastic Records FPS058: 3rd April 2006
1. Amateur Man
"As the shutter falls, his ship has sailed"
2. Ban The Gin
"A woman drowned her baby for the money for her clothes"

'Amateur Man' starts off with a scream of "Ahhhhh" then rapidly slams on the brakes. Then goes into a jerky bit of interplay between the bass and drums. It's all about the build up and release of tension. The bit that's going to get stuck in your head is the shouts of "A-a-a-a-a-a-amateur man".

The government in Victorian times where so desperate to eradicate Gin Shops that they subsidised ordinary people to open pubs that sold just Ale. Soon there we're pubs on every street, Gin Shops closed and the landscape of modern Britain was born. Listen to Radio 4, you learn stuff all the time. You think, that documentary about Gin Shops was interesting but when is that information going to come in handy? Well thankfully this band have written a protest song about it called 'Ban The Gin', and I'm writing a review. It sounds like a superb artier version of the Pixies.

Click here to watch the 'Amateur Man' Video

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club Website / The Victorian English Gentlemens Club MySpace Page

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