TWO GALLANTS – Steady Rollin’ (CD Single)

Steady Rollin' CoverSaddle Creek SCE92CD: 27th March 2006
1. Steady Rollin'
"You might have seen me 'neath the Pool Hall lights, well baby I go back each night"
2. Dappens
"The voiceless debate, when the clock's face is straight, just echoes these pale bathroom walls, where I wait"
3. Don't Want No Woman Who Stays Out All Night Long
"You leave now, but you'll be back 'fore long"

'Steady Rollin' opens with demented laughter and recounts the story of an ageing man who is a murderer, a thief and a drifter.  Then he meets a girl who makes him think about changing his ways.  It's the same red-raw vocals over-country rock mix of brilliant last single 'Las Cruces Jail'.

Acoustic country epic 'Dappens' builds slowly and subtly until at the end the pain in Adam Stephens' voice is palpable.  At six and a half minutes long, there's also time for a few soaring Harmonica solos.

Blues-rocker 'Don't Want No Woman Who Stays Out All Night Long' is cover of a song by Nehemiah James.  It's louder and brasher than everything else I've heard by this Duo, but it's also weaker.

Las Cruces Jail (Radio Edit)
Waves Of Grain

Two Gallants Website / Saddle Creek Website

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