VINCENT VINCENT & THE VILLAINS – I’m Alive / There Is A Cloud (CD Single)

I'm Alive, There Is A Cloud CoverYoung & Lost Club YALC0005: 27th March 2006
1. I'm Alive
"When I look into the mirror, for what's written on my face, my reflection's got nothing to say"
2. There Is A Cloud
"Lover forgive me, if I seem cold and strange, this cloud hanging over me, got my face all re-arranged"

As before, this is a Rockabilly style meeting of The Clash and Dexys midnight Runners. It's also got a nod towards Surf music and the classic pop of Buddy Holly. Unlike previous releases that had already been available as demos, these two are entirely new.

'I'm Alive' isn't as instantly catchy as first single 'On My Own' but it's miles better than last single 'Blue Boy'. For reasons that I can't fathom this reminded me of The Beautiful South. It's about feeling a bit out of sorts, so out of sorts that your pen, face, shadow and any other inanimate objects seem to turn against you. Then you decide that you've been inside too long, so you go out and the breeze upon your face makes you feel alive. Every line in this song brings a smile to my face, it's genius.

'There Is A Cloud's description of depression covers similar ground to 'I'm Alive'. In fact, these songs seem like they are two parts of one story. Like a cloud, Vincent's depression soon passes "It takes more than one cloud, to keep me under the weather". Once again the lyrics to this song consistently delight.

The video (Available to download below) is one of the best (And cheapest) I've seen since 'Motorcycle' by The Rumble Strips. Learn all the dance moves, I dare you.

I'm Alive Video

Vincent Vincent & The Villains Website / Vincent Vincent & The Villains MySpace Page

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