ISLANDS – Rough Gem (CD Single)

Rough Gem CoverRough Trade RTRADSCD311: 10th April 2006
1. Rough Gem
"They want me raw, but smooth like glass"
2. Big Bluff
"Over looking stuff, feels good, eyes closed, big bluff"
3. Rough Gem (Remix)
"I'm straight like denim, laid out like venom, just cut from a rough gem"

'Rough Gem' sounds like a fantastic Indie version of Dire Straits' 'Walk Of Life'.  Like Kanye West's 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone', the lyrics never really get to grips with the subject of the Diamond Trade.  The lyrics to this are more concerned with the general metaphor of a 'Rough Diamond'.  The little touches of the Harp are amazing and the Recorders sound far removed from the usual School days din.  The front artwork is a lovely comic strip made from the songs lyrics in Robert Crumb style.

'Big Bluff' builds like The Velvet Underground’s 'Heroin', it surfers badly in comparison.  The Remix of 'Rough Gem' has a completely new vocal provided by an unnamed frenetically fast rapper.  It's not entirely successful but it's certainly an interesting move for a b-side to an Indie single.  So the b-sides aren't as good as the a-side, but never mind it's available to download above.

Islands Website

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