Reagan CoverBrille BRILEP03CD: 10th April 2006
1. Reagan
"And if I could change it all, I don't think I even would"
2. Memory
"Losing my emotions one by one, sold my thoughts to a pregnant nun"
3. Macho Man
"Waiting for a people to decide for you, complaining 'bout the way that they've helped you"
4. I Fucked Up Reagan
"I've learned so much from you, the romance betrayl too"

'Reagan' strikes you right away because it's so much smoother than Whirlwind Heat's previous efforts. It's got that African influence of some of Talking Heads' best stuff. The drums, bass guitar and some other instrument (Whose name escapes me) combine to make an irresistibly funky sound. I remember at nursery school when we'd sit down and joyfully make music with Triangles, Glockenspiels, Maracas and such. If that scene were in a Hollywood movie it would sound like this (Instead of the dreadful din that we actually produced). The lyrics are simple yet effective in describing a relationship gone wrong.

'Memory' sounds like fantastic Californian band 'Cake', after a serious mental breakdown. 'Macho Man' is like two men that are clutching their copies of the Guardian and the Daily Mail, and having an argument with Microphones. 'I Fucked Up Reagan' is a short and sweet acoustic guitar and kazoo demo of 'Reagan'.

I vividly recall being thrilled by the ferocious cacophony that 'Whirlwind Heat' produced when I saw them supporting The White Stripes on the Elephant tour. With 'Reagan' they've succeeded in channelling that energy into something that could and should have a wider appeal. This is a huge leap forward.

Meat Packer mp3

Whirlwind Heat Website / Whirlwind Heat MySpace Page

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