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April 17, 2006

ORPHAN BOY – Live Demo (Downloads)

Live Demo Download ImageOrphan Boy Website: Early 2006
1. The Great British Sitcom
"A fortnight at the Met Bar, oh they're chasin' nothing more, cos pop music's a one night slut, and rock 'n' roll's a whore"
2. Got Plenty
"Sally M is gentry, man oh she got plenty, like a man of letters, second guessing the trend-setters"
3. Orphan Boy
"Got a daytime job, in a nightime bar, got no money and he won't get far"
4. Lovebirds
"Wide eyed so young and romantically fallen into lust, oh the wedding bells that chime those hills, are crawling into us"
5. Satellites
"We love the rose but we hate the rule, for private land and private schools"
6. Mr. Stevens
"He died on the stairs of an old nuns home, he never said a word, or never left a trace, the death of a man, who never had a face"
7. Birthday
"In a silent taxi, we drive on to the grave, in the dead of the morning, down by you I laid"
8. Boots
"Guess you just got a brand new box of matches, what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet"

Last night I listened to a 30 second clip of Orphan Boy's new single at the Piccadilly Records Website. I almost started jumping around the room in excitement. But it had already sold out because its limited run of 300 copies had all been bought on pre-order. My excitement now turning to panic I went to their Website and found they we're giving away 8 live demos to wet peoples appetites. If you're looking for the new Arctic Monkeys, look no further. I don't mean a sad pathetic attempt to jump on the bandwagon. I mean a band who have the lyrics, the music, the grit and the wit to stand along side them.

I would advise downloading all these tracks, but downloading 'The Great British Sitcom' is mandatory. It covers similar ground to 'Fake Tales Of San Francisco' but with better lyrics, better lyrics than Alex Turner you say? (Go read the lyrics at their Website). 'Got Plenty' is a story of wasted lives spent in dead end towns. The bass guitar on 'Orphan Boy' is fantastic. It's their theme tune and it's about a boy earning no money in a job he hates. 'Lovebirds' is a love song with future hit single written all over it. The lyrics to 'Satellites' show a general contempt for society and authority. 'Mr. Stevens' tells the tale of an old man who's forgotten and shunned by the world around him. 'Birthday' rivals 'The Great British Sitcom' for being the best of the bunch. It's the most emotional song here and will replace the traditional birthday chant for anyone not exactly glad to be that bit older. If it ever became a big hit, I could see it being sung by groups of drunken men with tears in their eyes, shouting "We pissed it away". It's a true classic with a great Harmonica solo. 'Boots' is a cover of Nancy Sinatra's 1966 hit 'These Boots Are Made For Walking'. They tear into it with reckless abandon and it forms a brilliant end to this set.

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of their single 'Billy's England / Postcode' because it sounds like it might even top these songs. I'm also looking forward to hearing them given the studio treatment. These boys are gonna be stars.

To download these songs go to their Website or just click on the titles above.

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