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April 22, 2006

LILY ALLEN – MySpace Streams

Lily Allen MySpace Image 2006
1. LDN
“A fella lookin’ dapper, and he’s sittin’ with a slapper, then I see it’s a pimp and his crack whore”
2. Little Things
“And I remember when you started callin’ me your missus, all the play fighting, all the flirtatious dissis”
3. Alfie
“Oh, I only say it, ’cause I care, so please, can you, stop pullin’ my hair”
4. Nan You’re A Window Shopper
“You only buy the paper, just to cut out the Coupons, you’re saving 50p, but what do you want with Tampons”

If all four of these songs (And probably any others she’s recorded) aren’t hit singles in six months I’ll eat my own head with a side order of Fries. I’ve been listening to these on a loop since I heard them. I know the coming year is going to be that bit better because I’ve got these songs.

‘LDN’ is going to be Lilly’s debut single on Regal records. It’s like a Mardi Gras band has just barged its way into your room the moment you press play. Strangely it reminded me of ‘The Footie Song’ by Adam & Joe. This song is guaranteed to make you move and tickle your funny bone too. The lyrics look under the fingernails of our capital city and find plenty of dirt.

‘Little Things’ has the same kind of pop pedigree as ‘Sunny Afternoon’ by The Kinks. You’ll fall in love with the wistful melody and lyrics. It’s got the same attention for detail as the best of Mike Skinner and Jarvis Cocker. It shows off her beautiful voice to stunning effect.

‘Alfie’ sounds like an outtake from Mary Poppins. You know, the scene where Mary Poppins finds the kids smoking weed and playing GTA and sings them a song. It’s actually about Lily trying to give her little brother some sisterly advice.

‘Nan You’re A Window Shopper’ sounds like Ms Dynamite but with extra biting wit. Almost every line will have you rolling around in fits of laughter. Based on how amazing this track is, I can’t believe no one has written a song about their Gran before. You might need a sit down after you’ve finished dancing around your room listening to this.

Lilly seems to be a part of a new wave of artists that are, as Skinnyman says “Forever been blessin’ eloquence over sound”. Apparently she’s Keith Allen’s daughter but very soon it’ll be “He’s Lily Allen’s Dad”. Right that’s it, I’m off to throw the rest of my music collection on a big bonfire and listen to these songs again.

Lily Allen MySpace Page
Link To Buy ‘LDN’ 7″