ORPHAN BOY – Billy’s England / Postcode (7″ Single)

Billy's England, Postcode CoverGrace Records LYV003: 10th April 2006
1. Billy's England
"This retail park is wank, this town's a fuckin' fish tank, I get my culture from a bookcase by the door"
2. Postcode
"The kids all riot on the lonely estate, their hearts are battered like their lonely lungs, and all this journalist attention they make, 'cause this ain't for love, no this is for news"

Finely I've got my hands on this rare bit of vinyl by Orphan Boy. 'Billy's England' sounds like early Beatles with Shaun Ryder on vocals. The bass guitar in the background is amazing and you might not be able to stop yourself doing a bit of Bez style dancing. You can smell the piss, feel the bite of the cold wind and see the glowing neon signs of a decaying culture. You can also taste the contempt in the singer’s voice for everything he sees around him. After recording this, the band probably shaved their heads, loaded their guns and went off in search of Harvey Keitel and Jodie Foster.

This is a double A-side, but 'Postcode' is too subdued and atmospheric to compete in the pop arena with 'Billy's England'. The vocals sound like John Lydon in his early PIL days. The music reminds me of Joy Division's first few songs (Except the intro sounds like Adam Ant). I love the furious shouts of "I've got the noose made out for you!". I can't quite tell if they're just singing "Bom, bom, bom" or the more potent "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb". I could see the bit after "And then it all just stops" would get the crowd all clapping along.

This first little Orphan Boy is a tad undernourished on the production side, but that can be sorted out. They've just announced that they've signed to Concrete Recordings. There'll be a single and an album out towards the end of the year.

Orphan Boy Website / Orphan Boy MySpace Page
Grace Records Website / Concrete Recordings Website

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