BE YOUR OWN PET – Extra Extra (7″ Single)

Extra Extra CoverDim Mak DM0101: 10th April 2006
1. Extra Extra
"Extra, extra, read all about it, my carburettor’s broken, and I hate you"
2. Feel Me Loud
"I'm not a $1 bill, I’m not a $5 bill, I’m not a $10 bill, I’m not a $100 bill, I’m a fucking, a $1000 bill"
3. Steal
"You take part of me, when you take it all away, just don't let me be, just give me away"

These three songs are exclusive to this new 7" release on Dim Mak. In total they are only just over six minutes long, so you're in for a short but exhilarating ride. As usual they sound like Karen O singing over Led Zeppelin, post lobotomy.

The subject of all of the tracks is, push vs. pull, loud vs. quiet, love vs. hate. On 'Extra Extra', Jemina Pearl shouts "Love" and "Hate" again and again like she's fighting schizophrenic demons. 'Feel Me Loud' is like a hyperactive kid that can't stand the silence and just wants to make a massive racket. The bit where she shouts about her monetary value sounds so defiant. I'm not sure if the lyrics of 'Steal' are about missing someone you love, or suicide. Either way, it's a noise that'll be welcome to people who are missing the old Yeah Yeah Yeahs savagery.

I've included a link to their ace cover of the Queen classic 'Bicycle Race'.

Bicycle Race mp3

Be Your Own Pet Website / Be Your Own Pet MySpace Page
Dim Mak Website / Infinity Cat Website
Be Your Own Pet Online Fan Site

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