BRAKES – All Night Disco Party (Re-Issue CD & 7″ Singles)

All Night Disco Party CoverRough Trade RTRADSCD339 / RTRADS339: 17th April 2006
1. All Night Disco Party (Graham Sutton Remix)
2. All Night Disco Party (FC Kahuna Remix)
3. All Night Disco Party (Matthew Herbert Remix)

"All night disco party, a super non stop über rocking disco party, east west, north south, left right, croque monsieur, croque madam"
4. Porcupine Or Pineapple
"Who won the war, who won the war, who won the war, what the fuck was it for?"

I really loath re-releases, especially when they're lifted from albums like 'Give Blood', that are still stocked full of potential A-sides. 'N.Y. Pie', 'Heard About Your Band' or even the lovely duet 'Jackson' (To cash in on Cash) sound like possible hits to my ears.

The 'Graham Sutton Remix' changes little, it just makes it a bit more slick and ready for the dance floor. But it was a great dance-rock tune already, so this was a fairly pointless exercise. The 'FC Kahuna Remix' shakes things up by bringing in some brilliant, totally new guitars and drums. As you'd expect from the 'Matthew Herbert Remix' it's much less conventional than the other two. He's got the Chipmunks on backing vocals, handclaps and some very strange sound effects.

New tune 'Porcupine Or Pineapple' is one of those insane, loud and all too brief songs that we're spread across the 'Give Blood' LP. The lyrics are an anti-war rant, with strange bits about "Spiky spiky" porcupines and pineapples. It all ends with a thrilling scream of "Ouch!".

Shut Us Down mp3
If I Should Die Tonight mp3

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