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April 28, 2006

STATIK – Presents Grindie Vol. 1 (Downloads/Mix CD)

StatikThis is a sixty plus mix album by Statik. Recently you've probably noticed Stakik, Lethal Bizzle, Lady Sovereign and others popping up on Remixes of Indie stars like The Rakes and Larrikin Love. Statik obviously noticed this and called this new genre 'Grindie' (Grime + Indie). The CD features The Strokes, The Rakes, Babyshambles, Bloc Party and The Holloways to name a few. It doesn't feature Skinnyman's amazing remix of The Ordinary Boys from last June (That's worth checking out if you can find it).

Most tracks on here range from 30 seconds to a minute. Unfortunately this means just as something is getting good it stops and goes onto something else. You know when you're listening to a song, and a Website loads up in the background and plays some music, and you get an irritating mix of the two. Well a lot of this CD sounds like that. Also Statik seems to be of the opinion that there is no track that can't be improved by a couple of gun shots. But there are some absolute gems to be found, you just have to wade through the shit to find them. You have to have 'Interpol – Evil (Statik Refix)', 'Arctic Monkeys – From The Ritz To The Rubble (Remix)', 'Wylie – Dubplate', 'Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower (Statik Refix)' and 'Statik (Feat. Wiley) – No Time (2 Die)'. The Remix of Arctic Monkeys is the best thing on here, it's twice the speed of the original. Keeping some of the tracks, and binning the rest, is the way to go.

Download a Zip with tracks 1-47 here. The tracks aren't named so go to Chantelle Fiddy's Blog for a track listing (Or check Statik's MySpace Page). Maybe you can find some other site that has all the tracks. I found the rest on Soulseek.

Statik MySpace Page