AKALA (FEAT. NIARA) – The Edge (CD & 12″ Singles)

The Edge CoverIlla State Records ILLA004CD1 / ILLA004: 10th April 2006
1. The Edge
"Drink 'til your pathetic, 'til ya act like an idiot, in the morning you'll regret it, right now it's brilliant"
2. The Edge (Mikey J Remix)
"My image delicious, I rhyme lyrics the quickest"

'The Edge' is an exuberant, rallying cry to just be positive "Jump like Jordan, like your tryna reach the pinnacle". He's trying to get across his feeling of self-belief, and he delivers it with such joy and wit that it doesn't take long to get infected by it yourself. For me, this ranks along side, the Beastie Boys early stuff, 'She Watch Channel Zero', 'Ya Don't See The Signs (Grant Nicholas Remix)' and 'Walk This Way' as a perfect mix of Rock and Rap. I love the way he introduces Niara's soulful chorus by going "I feel marvellous, how about you luv?". Then she replies, "Yeah, I feel good". I also feel fantastic when I listen to this. On the cover he's pointing a finger, as if to say, "That's right, I'm talking to you".

The 'Mikey J Remix' retains Niara's vocal but brings in completely new lyrics and music. At first I was annoyed because it comes in three versions including a 'Radio Edit' & an 'Instrumental'. Why only one version of the A-Side? But it did grow on me, true it isn't anything like as good as the original version of 'The Edge', but that would be hard. It sounds like a John Carpenter score that's been remixed by 50 Cent. The 'Mikey J Remix' is a bonus track on his album 'It's Not A Rumour' (1st May 2006). And let's face it, you're gonna need that LP anyway.

Go to his site to download mp3 clips of the album (And to read his lyrics).

Akala Website / Akala MySpace Page

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