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May 4, 2006

POLYSICS – I My Me Mine (7″ Single)

I My Me Mine CoverTired & Lonsome TLONE7007: 24th April 2006
1. I My Me Mine
2. Jhout (Wire Remix)

'I My Me Mine' kicks off with the sound of a siren going wrong, which seems to anounce the arrival of a band that are one cymbal short of a drum kit.  It's as if aliens came down and randomly listened to pop, classical, new wave, punk and possibly some Kids-TV themes as well.  Then they went home and formed a band without realising that these were supposed to be seperate styles of music.

The B-Side is a remix of 'Jhout' by Colin Newman of Wire.  I've not heard the original, so I couldn't say whether it's better or not.  It's got an Art-Rock sound with a guy shouting "Jhout" over the top.  It's okay but nothing like as good as 'I My Me Mine'.  I couldn't even venture a guess as to what the hell the lyrics to either of these songs are.

Here's a link to watch the superb Body-Poppin' video

Polysics Website