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May 5, 2006

KELMAN – The Heart Is A Useless Ally (CD Single)

The Heart Is A Useless Ally CoverLiner Records LIN002: 8th May 2006
1. The Heart Is A Useless Ally
"Wakin' at 5.30, waitin' silent, for the trains, start to run"
2. Untitled
"This life I've loved, so beautiful, and so corrupt"

I've had this for a while now, first as a demo, then on promo, and it just keeps on getting better as time goes by. It's been months since this single was announced and the release date has kept changing. Finely the long wait is over, and it's arrived through my letterbox in a tasteful monochrome Digipak. Kelman write songs born out of the kind of melancholy you get when too much Alcohol and too little sleep combine.

On 'The Heart Is A Useless Ally' you can feel the aggression in the way the band plays building all the way through the song. It's got a fantastic church style Organ in the background and a powerful Melodica solo. I think the themes of the song are summed up by the line "Days of salvage and regret". The chorus asks, "How does it feel?", well to me, it feels beautiful, mournful and romantic.

'Untitled' is just as good a song as the first but has a totally different and subdued atmosphere. It's got a wonderfully expressive Guitar riff and uses a Xylophone to subtle and stunning effect. Imagine 'Sunday Morning' by The Velvet Underground, but this is more very late Saturday night. It seems a whole essay about the nature of life is contained in the way Wayne sighs… "Collapse".

You can/must buy this CD and their first 7" from Piccadilly Records.

Go to their MySpace site to listen to streams of both these tracks.

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