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May 19, 2006

DAN SARTAIN – Gun Vs. Knife (7″ Single)

Gun Vs. Knife CoverCass Records MAMA019: 12th April 2006
1. Gun Vs. Knife
"You can bring your gun, I'll bring my knife, you can strike me down, it won't make it right"
2. Leeches Pt. II (The Hangers-On)
"Well, who invited you to the party? Don’t even get me started"
3. When You See Me Coming
"No you don't think of consequences, oh so when you see me comin' get the fuck out the entrance"

This is a new release on Cass Records (Home of Jack White's friends, Blanche) that boasts three brand new tracks by Dan Sartain. He's pictured on the cover looking out of sorts to say the least and sporting a somewhat ill-advised moustache. The 'Vs' in the title sums up the confrontational subjects of this evil trio of songs.

'Gun Vs. Knife' conjures up images of desperados in the old west settling scores by fighting to the death. It's a rocker in the mould of 'P.C.B. 98' about a man who has sworn to see desperate Dan dead. The subject of 'The Hangers-On' is the kind of Leeches that hang around stars like Dan Sartain hoping to gain some reflective glory. 'When You See Me Coming' is a warning to all other fake musicians that Dan Sartain's coming.

'Gun Vs. Knife' is available to buy through Cass Records' Website. He's also got a new limited edition compilation on Sky Bucket Records. It collects together some of the best songs from his self-released 'Romance In Stereo' and 'Crimson Guard' LPs.

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