STICKBOY – MySpace Streams / Downloads

Stickboy Image Early 2006
1. Now It's All Gone
"The magic you're making, is lost on this poor excuse for a town"
2. Pills For The Pain
"Laughing at the lines on the old man's face, and the sorrow that's buried inside, if only he knew his life was over, the day that his true love died"
3. Gratuitous Pop Song
"She's like a new born baby, likely to drive you crazy"
4. My Weakness
"Well I hope you know now there's nothing better than, wakin' up feelin' like you've got a plan"
5. Out Of Your Reach
"You said lovers will always betray, keep them out of your reach"
6. Fighting A Battle
"Let's throw our weight, then watch it decay, a full tank for a child, that's the price that we pay"

Stickboy (aka Craig Edmondson) has recently been streaming some new material on his MySpace page. If you've heard the twenty-three songs he's already quietly self-released you might think he could rest and just give that material a proper release. But he's obviously not content with previous masterpieces like 'Fever', 'Cold (Next To The Fire)' and 'The Shiver'. It'll depend on your luck as to which of these six new tracks are being shared when you visit his page because he's changing them all the time.

'Now It's All Gone' is driven by a delicate Acoustic-Guitar and a humable Bass line. I love the deflated way he sings "Down, down, down" and also the soaring string arrangement at the end. 'Pills For The Pain' is easily the best thing he's done, it'll give you Goosebumps all over. If your emotional state is in any question, you might end up a gibbering wreck after listening to it. It's a quite mournful ballad until halfway through when explosive drums come in and then they give way to a beautiful organ sound. 'Gratuitous Pop Song' is a fantastic, bouncy, Bass and Trumpet love song. Unfortunately, it's let down by a plastic sounding Brass section (This is a demo, so he'll probably sort this out in the end). It's also got a killer Melodica solo at the end. 'My Weakness' is a Nick Drake like song with a sad String backing. 'Out Of Your Reach' is only 1.25 minutes long, and from its despondent tone, it seems clear Craig didn't want to dwell on these thoughts for any longer than necessary. Stickboy's Dylan influence really comes out on the aggressive protest song 'Fighting A Battle' (It's even got a Harmonica on it). The swirling guitars and drums seem to capture the "War On Terror" in all its blood drenched insanity.

Stickboy Website / Stickboy MySpace Page


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