THE RACONTEURS – Steady, As She Goes (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Steady, As She Goes CoverXL Recordings XLS229CD / XLS229A / XLS229B: 24th April 2006
1. Steady, As She Goes
"Find yourself a girl, and settle down, live a simple life, in a quite town"
2. The Bane Rendition
3. Store Bought Bones
"Down upon your hands and knees, underneath the poplar trees, take you to the sticks and stones, looking for store bought bones"
4. Call It A Day
"But I'll stake my life, and I swear by this knife, that it's all by your design"

'Steady, As She Goes' seems to have a huge popular appeal. I can't hear why, sure it sounds fantastic, but I don't know why this is more radio friendly than any of Jack White or Brendan Benson's other work. Even my Dad, who is a dedicated Jack White hater, was horrified to discover that he loved this song. All The Raconteurs songs are credited to "Brendan Benson/Jack White", but if I had to guess I would say this was penned by Jack. There is also an excellent Semi-Acoustic version included on one of the 7"s.

'The Bane Rendition' is a fantastically funky instrumental that reminded me of 'Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing' by Chris Isaak. Both 'Store Bought Bones' and 'Call It A Day' are available on The Raconteurs LP so it's a poor show that they're included here as well. Although Jack White has always maintained a "Quality not quantity" policy when it comes to B-sides. When 'Steady, As She Goes' was originally released as a stupidly rare 7" it was a double A-side with 'Store Bought Bones', but it's been relegated to the B-side for this full release. The bits that'll get stuck in your head are the endless repeats of "You can't buy, what you can't find" and the 'Layla' like guitar solo. 'Call It A Day' is a low-key number that probably works better on the album as a break from the rockers. Heard on it's own it sounds a bit weak.

Click here to watch Jack White's fantastic (And controversial) Coke advert.

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