SEVEN SEALS – Loose Ends (7″ Single)

Loose Ends CoverPimp Millipede Recordings SEA001: 1st May 2006
1. Loose Ends
"He took lessons off Sparks and The Andersons, yeah they called him Chief Seer, had his teeth everywhere"
2. Lassie
"Go Lassie, go home, and I've said this before, and I'll say it again, writing you a crude kind of story"
3. Radio Kid (Snotty Guitar)
"You oughta know, I'm not a hero, I'm a zero, dickhead, on the radio"

'Loose Ends' sounds like a Super-Group combining members of The Dandy Warhols and Kasabian with Shaun Ryder on vocals performing an impromptu gig in the Tardis (If that makes any sense at all). 'Lassie' is a straight-ahead rocker with a thrilling Drum intro. 'Radio Kid (Snotty Guitar)' is the best of the three. It's like a less Arty version of Franz Ferdinand with Mark E. Smith snarling over the top. This band have got the potential to be fantastic but I don't think they're quite there yet. The 7" is worth buying for the beautiful artwork alone, you could stare at it for hours.

Click here to watch the 'Loose Ends' Video

Seven Seals Website / Seven Seals MySpace Page


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