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May 24, 2006

Listen To This…


"A simple concept. One music obsessed blogger recommends three tracks to another audio junkie, and they do the same. This time round I pick three for the 7″ obsessed “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before”, a site for all the latest single reviews. In return for my listening pleasure he’s picked two great releases, and something by Morrissey"

I picked:
Akala – Bullshit
Morrissey – Life Is A Pigsty
Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

He picked:
Scroobius Pip – First Time I Met Musik
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Carl Craig Remix)
Beirut – Postcards From Italy

Go to MusicLikeDirt (My bro's Blog) to read it. He dares to dis Morrissey! (Although it is with a witheringly sarcastic tone worthy of the Moz-Father himself!) Also read about his genius new discovery, Scroobius Pip. I've just ordered his album, I can't wait for it to arrive.

May 24, 2006

TIGA – (Far From) Home (CD, 12″ & 7″ Singles)

(Far From) Home CoverDifferent DIFB1048CDM / DIFB1048T / DIFB1048S: 24th April 2006
1. (Far From) Home (Original)
2. (Far From) Home (Dave Bascombe Radio Mix)
3. (Far From) Home (Digitalism Remix)
4. (Far From) Home (DFA Remix Joakim Edit)
5. (Far From) Home (DFA Remix)

6. (Far From) Home (Chicken Lips Remix)
"With a spring in my step as I strut down the block, I see the boys stare and I hear them talk"
7. Move My Body
"The power punch, the beats, the bunch, the yeah"

In the past few years Tiga's developed a habit of popping up every now and again with a killer single. Now he's got an album out that collects some of them together, along with many new tracks and it's called 'Sexor'. '(Far From) Home' is the first single to be lifted from it. It's about being down and then realising how good life actually is when you step outside in the sun. It definitely adds a "Spring to your step" if you listen to it out and about.

After a recent run of fantastic and radical Remixes some of these seem a bit half-arsed so I'll just tell you about the interesting ones. The 'Digitalism Remix' starts off like a hyper version of the original and then moves further and further away. At 2.43 waves of noise crash over your Speakers only to give way a minute later to Pete Townshend like explosions of guitar. The 'Chicken Lips Remix' adds a layer of twisted Electro-Funk. Check out the amazing interplay between the Bass and what sounds like pots and pans at the end.

If you only buy one format, go for the 12" because it includes the ace B-side 'Move My Body'. Like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Go to his site to listen to streams of Tiga's brand new Remixes for Coldcut and Pet Shop Boys.

Tiga Website / Coldcut Website / Pet Shop Boys Website
DFA Records Website / Digitalism MySpace Page

May 24, 2006

FUCK-OFF MACHETE – What’s The Signal? (CD Single)

What's The Signal CoverSimbiotic SIMBI0001CD: 1st May 2006
1. What's The Signal?
"Of all the things, I tell you about, this is the most, important one"
2. Big Day Out
"And what about the trip, that you promised me?"
3. Physical
"I took you to an intimate restaurant, and then to a suggestive movie, there's nothin' left to talk about, horizontally"

Fuck-Off Machete are like Be Your Own Pet with more edges. As you can imagine that means this is the sort of thing that should come with a government health warning. Their last single 'If Gold Was Silver & Silver Was Gold' was in my 'Top 100 Tracks' from last year. Singer Nashii Noramly can screech and yell like a banshee, then suddenly switch to a reassuring whisper. She's like the Babysitter and the Knife wielding Slasher-Movie maniac rolled into one.

All three of these tunes are Pop songs, but they've gone over to the dark side. 'What's The Signal?' isn't as immediate as the last single but it rewards repeated listens. 'Big Day Out' had me whistling along at the end. Best of all is their bonkers cover of Olivia Newton-John's 'Physical'.

Fuck-Off Machete Website / Fuck-Off Machete MySpace Page