FUCK-OFF MACHETE – What’s The Signal? (CD Single)

What's The Signal CoverSimbiotic SIMBI0001CD: 1st May 2006
1. What's The Signal?
"Of all the things, I tell you about, this is the most, important one"
2. Big Day Out
"And what about the trip, that you promised me?"
3. Physical
"I took you to an intimate restaurant, and then to a suggestive movie, there's nothin' left to talk about, horizontally"

Fuck-Off Machete are like Be Your Own Pet with more edges. As you can imagine that means this is the sort of thing that should come with a government health warning. Their last single 'If Gold Was Silver & Silver Was Gold' was in my 'Top 100 Tracks' from last year. Singer Nashii Noramly can screech and yell like a banshee, then suddenly switch to a reassuring whisper. She's like the Babysitter and the Knife wielding Slasher-Movie maniac rolled into one.

All three of these tunes are Pop songs, but they've gone over to the dark side. 'What's The Signal?' isn't as immediate as the last single but it rewards repeated listens. 'Big Day Out' had me whistling along at the end. Best of all is their bonkers cover of Olivia Newton-John's 'Physical'.

Fuck-Off Machete Website / Fuck-Off Machete MySpace Page


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