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May 25, 2006

TILLY & THE WALL – Nights Of The Living Dead / The Ice Storm, Big Gust & You (7″ Single)

Nights Of The Living Dead CoverMoshi Moshi MOSHI35: 15th May 2006
1. Nights Of The Living Dead
"We got a bottle of wine, a fresh pack of smokes, we're gonna end up screaming, about some midnight garage sale"
2. The Ice Storm, Big Gust & You
"So now we're at the bars, hypnotised and trying hard, oh to keep the conversation going, trying hard to ignore the silence, growing like it always does"

I'd been hearing Tilly & The Wall's name everywhere, but until now I hadn't managed to hear any of their songs… I think I've been missing out. 'Nights Of The Living Dead' sounds like Arcade Fire if they hadn't sold any records and had been forced into prostitution to pay the bills. 'The Ice Storm, Big Gust & You' has a weird folk flvour with what appears to be the sound of 200 people stamping on the studio roof. I love the music hall Piano when it dives in at 2.10 and the handclaps at the end are great.

Both these tracks are on their album, so it's probably better to just get a copy of that.

Bad Education mp3

Tilly & The Wall Website / Tilly & The Wall MySpace Page

May 25, 2006

THE VIKING MOSES – Sandstorms (7″ Single)

Sandstorms CoverPoptones MC5108S: 1st May 2006
1. Sandstorms (Demo)
"Yes I understand fear, I've got plenty of it, built up, right here"
2. I Will Always Love You
"Bitter-sweet, memories, that's all I have, that's I'm takin', with me"

From the name you might think that 'The Viking Moses' we're a loud Metal band straight from the halls of Valhalla. That couldn't be further from the truth. 'Sandstorms' has the sound of The Hidden Cameras when they do those Limited Edition acoustic albums. It's got a heartbreaking and understated Piano solo at 2.29. It says it's a Demo of a track from their forthcoming album, so it'll be interesting to see how it sounds with a Hi-Fi shine. Their delicate cover of Dolly Parton's 'I Will Always Love You' is a good reminder of how good a song it is when it's given some respect. If you've heard James Dean Bradfield's cover of 'Bright Eyes' you know what I mean. Both these songs have such a fragile beauty that I suspect if I breathed to loudly they would be frightened away.

In Servitude mp3

The Viking Moses MySpace Page

May 25, 2006

THE LONG WEEKEND – Medway Is The Difference / The River Will Flow (7″ Single)

Medway Is The Difference, The River Will Flow CoverMother Tongue MOTH12S: 15th May 2006
1. Medway Is The Difference (Between My Town & Yours)
"When you speak we all think that a tricks being told, when you lie we all try not to make you feel tall"
2. The River Will Flow
"And when you wake up, do you still think this'll be your day"

'Medway Is The Difference' is a tale about a liar and a cheat, and it's also about Medway (Home of Billy Childish). 'The River Will Flow' is about life slipping away bit by bit. These guy's speciality is the  great sing-along chorus. Check out the two mp3s below, they're way better than the two on the 7". Which means they've got great tunes to spare.

Merits Green mp3
So Far mp3

The Long Weekend Website / The Long Weekend MySpace Page
Mother Tongue MySpace Page

May 25, 2006

THE LODGER – Let Her Go (7″ Single)

Let Her Go CoverAngular Recording Corporation ARC014: 1st May 2006
1. Let Her Go
"You have the looks, you have the style, you have the brains, you have the nerve, it's just the price, to get the prize, that you don't think, that you deserve"
2. We Come From The Same Place

"Today it's on, the next it's off, and it suits me, right down, to the ground"

The Lodger have the feel, if not the sound of The Smiths. This new single is on the ever-reliable Angular Recording Corporation label (Birthplace of Art Brut, Bloc Party, The Long Blondes, The Vichy Government, Luxembourg, Ladyfuzz, The Boyfriends etc, etc…).

'Let Her Go' has some absolutely breathtaking lyrics, the quote above is just one example. It's got some absolutely triumphant Brass that echoes the vocals. 'We Come From The Same Place' is a soaring ballad with yes, wait for it… Xylophone! (God I love Xylophone, as regular readers will know). It reminds me of one of Coldplay's songs, can't think which one, but this is miles better.

These guys have got me really excited. Check out the two unbelievably good free mp3s below and you'll be excited too.

Click here to buy the two 7" tracks as mp3s from KarmaDownload

You Got Me Wrong mp3
Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion mp3
Let Her Go (Video stream on YouTube)

The Lodger Website / The Lodger MySpace Page
Angular Recording Corporation Website
Angular Recording Corporation MySpace Page

May 25, 2006

GRAHAM COXON – You & I (CD & 7″ Singles)

You & I CoverParlophone CDRS6691 / R6691: 8th May 2005
1. You & I
"You and I gonna think for a while, look to the sky, gotta decide if we're gonna see tomorrow"
2. Light Up Your Candles
"You can't light your own way, through this dark unholy place, just one candle and a happy face"
3. Click Click Click
"Got a light sayin' no one home for me to kick, kick, kick, yeah"
4. See-Saw
"Wait a while, reclaim your loss, but it costs a lot, you'll learn"

'You & I' is yet another great Graham Coxon single.  He's brought in a Psychedelic sound for this one, particularly on the fuzzy Guitar solo at 1.48. Also Maracas make a welcome return to the world of Pop and "La, la, la, la" is repeated dreamily at the end.

Even better is 'Light Up Your Candles', which sounds like a suicidal version of The Coral.  Graham sounds like he's been smoking 40 packs a day prior to recording it (Which of course is great).  'Click Click Click' has a killer bit where it cuts back to the Bass at 2.00 and then it sounds like the Beatles playing Funk.  'See-Saw' reminded me of 'Love gets dangerous' by Billy Bragg (Which means it's fantastic too).  It's a cover of The Jam, I don't know if their original sounds like Billy, I'll have to find out.

It's rare to get such a consistently brilliant collection of B-sides.  Shame it wasn't a lovely 4-track EP, instead of being spread over two formats.

Shipbuilding mp3 (Elvis Costello cover, 56 kbps unfortunately)

Graham Coxon Website / Graham Coxon MySpace Page
All Over Me Fansite

May 25, 2006

DELAYS – Hideaway (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

Hideaway CoverRough Trade RTRADSCD336 / RTRADSCDX336 / RTRADS336: 8th May 2005
1. Hideaway
"Without a second thought you put your hand on my shoulder, without a second look you took me miles away"
2. Broken Pylons
"Just once in a while, we could go dancing, break down in style, break down forever"
3. Valentine (Torch Team Remix)
"Maybe, this is the moment to pray dear, but I'd rather lay by your side"
4. Aglow Like Honey
"Daylight's wasting and the trees are turning, shops are closing and the world is burning, down"
5. Beautiful Boy (Radio Session)
"Life is what happens to you whilst you're busy making other plans"

'Hideaway' isn't as strong as last single 'Valentine' but it has got ace Adam & The Ants style drums. It's also got a minute long string led coda, which should've been removed for the single version. 'Broken Pylons' is a beautiful semi-acoustic song, which showcases Greg Gilbert's voice. 'Valentine (Torch Team Remix)' is the best thing on here. It slowly builds from a handclap driven Accapella until at 2.52 it absolutely explodes. Then a Piano and a Tambourine are brought right up in the mix. 'Aglow Like Honey' is another semi-acoustic song with a wonderful and subtle Guitar solo. 'Beautiful Boy' is a well-executed cover of the John Lennon classic. But when they sing "I can hardly wait… for you to come of age" they can't really hope match the power of the original unless Mark Chapman escapes and comes after Delays.

Delays Website / Delays MySpace Page