THE LODGER – Let Her Go (7″ Single)

Let Her Go CoverAngular Recording Corporation ARC014: 1st May 2006
1. Let Her Go
"You have the looks, you have the style, you have the brains, you have the nerve, it's just the price, to get the prize, that you don't think, that you deserve"
2. We Come From The Same Place

"Today it's on, the next it's off, and it suits me, right down, to the ground"

The Lodger have the feel, if not the sound of The Smiths. This new single is on the ever-reliable Angular Recording Corporation label (Birthplace of Art Brut, Bloc Party, The Long Blondes, The Vichy Government, Luxembourg, Ladyfuzz, The Boyfriends etc, etc…).

'Let Her Go' has some absolutely breathtaking lyrics, the quote above is just one example. It's got some absolutely triumphant Brass that echoes the vocals. 'We Come From The Same Place' is a soaring ballad with yes, wait for it… Xylophone! (God I love Xylophone, as regular readers will know). It reminds me of one of Coldplay's songs, can't think which one, but this is miles better.

These guys have got me really excited. Check out the two unbelievably good free mp3s below and you'll be excited too.

Click here to buy the two 7" tracks as mp3s from KarmaDownload

You Got Me Wrong mp3
Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion mp3
Let Her Go (Video stream on YouTube)

The Lodger Website / The Lodger MySpace Page
Angular Recording Corporation Website
Angular Recording Corporation MySpace Page


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