THE LONG WEEKEND – Medway Is The Difference / The River Will Flow (7″ Single)

Medway Is The Difference, The River Will Flow CoverMother Tongue MOTH12S: 15th May 2006
1. Medway Is The Difference (Between My Town & Yours)
"When you speak we all think that a tricks being told, when you lie we all try not to make you feel tall"
2. The River Will Flow
"And when you wake up, do you still think this'll be your day"

'Medway Is The Difference' is a tale about a liar and a cheat, and it's also about Medway (Home of Billy Childish). 'The River Will Flow' is about life slipping away bit by bit. These guy's speciality is the  great sing-along chorus. Check out the two mp3s below, they're way better than the two on the 7". Which means they've got great tunes to spare.

Merits Green mp3
So Far mp3

The Long Weekend Website / The Long Weekend MySpace Page
Mother Tongue MySpace Page


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