BIB – I Wanna Be A Better / Flowers (Free Download Single)

I Wanna Be A Better, Flowers CoverDog Box Records BOX9: 17th April 2006
1. I Wanna Be A Better
"Scrimp and save for rainy days, disappear in the haze"
2. Flowers
"My god your eyes are like flowers, I would die for eyes like that in my life"

At last the long awaited follow up to Bib's first single 'Jobs-On-Line' (One of my 'Tracks Of 2005'). 'Jobs-On-Line' had an endearingly Lo-Fi sound but these have got the thrilling Electro-Pop gloss of the Pet Shop Boys. 'I Wanna Be A Better' is a big step forward from the first single and it's got some great New Order like guitar work at the end. 'Flowers' has waves of sound that wash over you and wonderful Robert Smith style vocals.

Click here to watch the 'Victims Of Crime' Video

Bib Website / Bib MySpace Page / Dog Box Website

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