PET SHOP BOYS – I’m With Stupid (CD & DVD Singles)

I'm With Stupid CoverParlophone CDR6690 / DVDR6690: 22nd May 2006
1. I'm With Stupid
"You flew up all the way, like a hawk chasing a dove, I never thought that I would be, a sacrifice in love"
2. The Resurrectionist
"Our goods are dear but they're never shoddy, tell me anybody… need a body?"
3. The Resurrectionist (Goetz B. Extended Mix)
"We've all got to earn ourselves a living, all it takes is a little bit of digging"
4. Girls Don't Cry
"In the pocket by her heart is a dog-eared Polaroid, a picture of a girl with her arm round a boy who went missing"

'I'm With Stupid' is one of the Pet Shop Boys' finest singles to date, it's got the usual perfect pop music sound we've come to expect from Chris Lowe. But it deserves a place among their greatest work because of Neil Tennant's lyrics. It's about a bad relationship and it's also about Bush and Blair. Every line can be seen from either perspective, and that's its genius.

'The Resurrectionist' has a strident 'Final Countdown' type Synth line. The fun pop shine hides a dark heart like all the their best work. The lyrics are about Burke & Hare, the infamous Edinburgh body snatchers. The 'Goetz B. Extended Mix' takes this twisted tale onto the dance floor. I can see people dancing around to cheerful lines like "We saw the hanging". 'Girls Don't Cry' has an expressive fuzzy Synth soundscape. Coupled with the lyrics it's an emotional experience.

The album has yet to arrive through my letterbox, so I couldn't comment on that. But on the evidence of these tracks I'd say the Pet Shop Boys are in a new phase of creativity to rival their very best work.

Pet Shop Boys Website

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