THE BOYFRIENDS – Adult Acne (CD Single)

Adult Acne CoverBoobytrap Records BOOBREC020: 22nd May 2006
1. Adult Acne
"On a planet's surface of seven-tenths water, and I can still die of thirst, I'm told the one for me is out there somewhere, but I grow tired of the search"
2. Tears Before Bedtime
"I pray for war, famine and drought… so it'll give us something to talk about"

I've had to take a few deep breaths to restrain my excitement before getting straight down to writing this review…

Goddamnit! 'Adult Acne' is the just about the funkiest Indie single I've ever heard (Was that "Not hard" from you at the back?). I loved it as soon as the digital needle hit the digital groove. It's got the yearning emotion of Morrissey and the irresistible bounce of Happy Mondays. Now onto the B-side… well a song that has a line as good as the one quoted above has got to be worth having (I nearly fell off my chair with laughter). To quote the song's own lyrics, it's a beautiful "Lowly lullaby".

I've had a load of The Boyfriends' Demos for what seems like years, but I hadn't heard either of these before. If they're still writing new stuff as good as these two gems, the futures looking very bright for The Boyfriends. I declare they are the new Indie Messiahs, all shall worship at their feet!

Click here to buy the single as two mp3s from KarmaDownload for £1.78

Speak Less & Listen (Demo) mp3
The White Devil (Demo) mp3

The Boyfriends Website / The Boyfriends MySpace Page

3 Comments to “THE BOYFRIENDS – Adult Acne (CD Single)”

  1. AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s very sad, it was the only mp3 shop that had anything worth buying. Often I’ve been impressed with a rare 7″ track, and then later bought it again as a crisp mp3 from KarmaDownload. To quote Team America “Jesus-Titty-Fuckin’-Christ!”

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