PRIMAL SCREAM – Country Girl (2x CD Singles)

Country Girl CoverColumbia 82876834282 / 82876834272: 22nd May 2006
1. Country Girl
"Lost your wife, lost your son, stay out drinking ‘til the morning comes"
2. Stone Ya To The Bone
"What's this I hear about you baby? You've been a bad, bad girl"
3. Gimme Some Truth
"I've had enough of watching scenes of, Schizophrenic-ego-centric-paranoic-pria-donnas"
4. To Live Is To Fly
"Days, up and down they come, like rain on a Conga-Drum, forget most, remember some, but don't turn none away"

Some people would have you believe that after the Dance-Rock masterpiece that is the 'Screamadelica' album, Primal Scream embarked on a disastrous venture into 70s Rock. The critical roasting they received for it, meant that they retreated into an Electronic sound for the next ten years. What these people forget is that the best tracks on 'Screamadelica' we're 'Movin' On Up' and 'I'm Comin' Down', the two most traditional sounding tracks. They also forget that the follow up to 'Screamadelica' was 'Rocks', one of the greatest Rock 'n' Roll singles ever released. Now they've returned with a new single called 'Country Girl' and it doesn't make any apologetic attempts to be anything other than Rock.

'Country Girl' is so damn infectious. It's jam packed with Rock 'n' Roll clichés and all the better for it. It's got that same Cosmic-Country feel of Gram Parsons' more hell raising moments. It made me want to dance around, clap my hands and do that strange Duracell-Bunny shuffle that Jagger does in the 'Brown Sugar' Video.

'Stone Ya To The Bone' has got the same irresistible Blues power of 'Shaky Puddin' by the Soledad Brothers. After hearing its pummelling Guitar riff, you might need a neck brace (Unless you're used to Chicken impressions). The other two B-sides are covers. The first is John Lennon's 'Gimme Some Truth' which they savagely attack in the style of The Clash. I'd guess this cover is directed at the critics, especially the desperate shouts of "Truth, truth, truth" at the end. The last song is Townes Van Zandt's 'To Live Is To Fly', which they change from a gentle Folk song into a tear stained, Elton John like, Slide Guitar epic.

If you despised Primal Scream's 70's Rock period I'd suggest plugging your ears with Cotton Wool until their next album. Everyone else can down a bottle of Whiskey, strap on your Snakeskin boots, gun the engine and head out on the highway to Rock 'n' Roll oblivion!

Click here to see the video for 'Country Girl'

Primal Scream Website / Webadelica Fansite

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