Matthew Image1. Prince Sings 'Hey'
"Must be a devil between us, or whores in my head"
2. The Beach Boys Sing 'Levitate Me'
"Give me help, give me help, you can… levitate me"
3. Frank Sinatra Sings 'Monkey Gone To Heaven'
"From New York and New Jersey, this Monkey's gone to heaven"
4. Bob Marley Sings 'Mr. Grieves'
"I 'ope everyting is alright, 'ope everyting is alright"
5. Elvis Sings 'No. 13 Baby'
"Stripes in her eyes, when she walks slow, but her face falls down, when she go, go, go"
6. Tina Turner Sings 'River Euphrates'
"Ride the tiger down the River Euphrates, ride the tiger down"
7. Jimi Hendrix Sings 'Vamos'
"They'll come and play, their friends will say, your daddy's rich, your mamma's a pretty thing"
8. The Beegees Sing 'Wave Of Mutilation'
"I've kissed mermaids, rode the El Nino, walked the sand with the crustaceans"

My brother (MusicLikeDirt) sent me an E-mail with links to a crazy guy called Matthew, who's done covers of the Pixies in the style of some of the worlds greatest artists. They are fantastic!

Some work very well, but some are indistinguishable from the real thing. On 'Vamos' it's like he went back in time and handed Hendrix a copy of 'Surfer Rosa' and a couple of sick bags. When he's doing the Joey Santiago freak out in the middle he plays The Simpson’s theme! They work so well because he's obviously matched the artists to the songs that would suit them, with great care. Like spotting that 'No. 13 Baby' has a "Go, go, go" bit, or that 'Levitate Me' has a heavenly "Higher Plain" line.

The attention to detail is amazing, Frank Sinatra talks to the audience, Brian Wilson preps his band and Hendrix does the famous "Fuckin' die" speech. It's these moments that make you feel like you're not just listening to joke covers, but long lost recordings by musical legends. At their best they make you ask why you didn't spot the Reggae influences of 'Mr. Grieves' or The Beach Boys sound of 'Levitate Me' before. Also it's just great to here Elvis singing "Tattooed tit".

Here is a quote from his MySpace Page "New celebrity Pixies covers in the pipeline: Where is my mind by Queen, Debaser by The Beastie Boys and a James Brown special surprise!"

Click on the links above to download these eight covers. Unfortunately the Bit-Rates vary a lot.

Matthew's MySpace page


  1. i just found your site (via music like dirt, which i found via heart on a stick–ain’t the internet grand?) anyway, i love how you quote the lyrics under each song. i try to do that sometimes, but am often hardpressed to find just one line to single out!

  2. I love great lyrics, pure and simple. Thanks mjrc for the comment. I saw your bowling alley songs list. Have you heard ‘Hand Springs’ by The White Stripes? It’s got to be their finest song. It’s about Jack losing it at a Bowling Alley, and dropping his ball through a guys pinball machine. If you’ve not heard it, get it now. Thanks again, Ryan.

  3. i’ll check it out, thanks. and you’re welcome!

  4. Great post, just stumbled across it as I’m desperately trying to get hold of mp3s of Matthew’s Celebrity Pixies covers but with no joy (I have had Wave of Mutilation for a year or so and love it). Any chance you could briefly repost them up or point me in the right direction? Cheers.

  5. Use this handy site (Very hush hush!)

    And you should be able to get those myspace tracks

    Ryan (StopMe)

  6. Not working 😦
    I can’t download the tracks and the site doesn’t give them either. Any suggestions please?

    Thank you!

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